Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breakfast of champions: Superette

A Saturday morning haunt in Cape Town that definitely does not need any more press is the Old Biscuit Mill’s Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock. If, however, you wish you could enjoy the market’s glorious food without fighting the indie hordes, then you’ll definitely want to check out Superette. Just a couple of blocks down from the Biscuit Mill, Superette is an old school-style deli with fantastic food, quirky decor and a sunny, upbeat vibe. A bright yellow counter greets you as you walk in, and the menu is innovatively written in black marker on the white tiled walls. A small selection of very interesting fresh produce (think courgette flowers, unusual lettuces and Jerusalem Artichokes - don't worry, I'd never heard of them either) can be bought, as well as the best of what the Neighbourgoods Market has to offer (such as the mouthgasm-inducing Dunk cookies).

 Le decor

If you’re there for a meal, you can either sit at one of the large communal tables or prop yourself up on a ladder-stool to eat at one of the counters overlooking the street. The breakfast menu is positively drool-worthy, and I wish had suppressed my urge for a small bowl of ProNutro on the morning I went, because I would have liked to have sampled several dishes. They have some creative fresh juices – I had the pressed pear juice, which tasted like summer in Provence, but I am keen next time to try the pressed banana juice out of sheer curiosity.

 Le menu

For the meal, my friend Bianca, whom I must thank for introducing me to this spot, had the poached eggs (for which Superette is best known), which are served with fresh asparagus, a slice of homemade bread, rocket and a deep-fried courgette flower. My own meal of Nutella-filled French toast with crispy bacon and a pecan nut and pear compote is one of my top three breakfasts OF.ALL.TIME. Really. French toast, when made well, is delicious in itself, but stuffed with melty, gooey, chocolately hazelnut goodness – I was ready to die there and then just so I could die happy.

 Le food (okay, this isn't what I ate, but doesn't it look good?)

I intend to go back as soon as possible – whether I’ll try one of the other very appetising dishes or succumb to my desire to go to chocolate heaven again is debatable. If you want to check it out for yourself (and you really should), get there around 10am as it gets very busy. Enjoy!

You can find Superette at 218 Albert Road, Woodstock. Check out their website here. All images courtesy of Superette.

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