Thursday, April 15, 2010

We wants, we wants!!!

A cup of tea really does make everything better. It doesn't necessarily solve anything, but the world certainly looks less bleak and sinister when peering at it over the rim of a cup of steaming Jasmine green tea (Jazz, as my old housemate Sash calls it).

What would make my cups of tea INFINITELY better though is if they were poured from the Teatoaster, available at the Teapottery. Isn't this just too adorable? It would look perfect in my kitchen, which is a) accessorised with pastels and b) suffering from a cupcake paraphernalia overload at the moment.
But this is exactly why I think I would be very bad at living in England - yes, the weather sucks, but there's just too much goddamn stuff to buy! This little darling would set me back £37.95, but if I lived there I'd simply HAVE to have it.

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