Thursday, April 15, 2010

We wants, we wants!!!

A cup of tea really does make everything better. It doesn't necessarily solve anything, but the world certainly looks less bleak and sinister when peering at it over the rim of a cup of steaming Jasmine green tea (Jazz, as my old housemate Sash calls it).

What would make my cups of tea INFINITELY better though is if they were poured from the Teatoaster, available at the Teapottery. Isn't this just too adorable? It would look perfect in my kitchen, which is a) accessorised with pastels and b) suffering from a cupcake paraphernalia overload at the moment.
But this is exactly why I think I would be very bad at living in England - yes, the weather sucks, but there's just too much goddamn stuff to buy! This little darling would set me back £37.95, but if I lived there I'd simply HAVE to have it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And they will play Florence + the Machine at my wedding and funeral

Oh.Em.Gee. Eargasm alert! I have a new music love and, three weeks in, it looks like this one's going to last.
Florence + the Machine's Lungs is the first truly original sound I have heard in years - probably since I started listening to Tori Amos as a child.

 Florence, my nightingale. Courtesy of here

Now to UK residents Florence is not exactly news, but in South Africa she is virtually unheard of! I once caught the tail end of You've Got The Love on the radio, but otherwise that's it, so I have my dear sisters in London to thank for introducing me to her/them. My one sister even prefaced giving me the album by telling me it would "make me believe in God". If I were that way inclined, this would definitely be the music to do it.

 Florence + the Machine is the recording name of Florence Welch and her various backing artists. Her music is sublime - it's the kind of epic soundtrack you wish your life had. “I want my music to sound like throwing yourself out of a tree, or off a tall building, or as if you’re being sucked down into the ocean and you can’t breathe,” says Florence on her officical website. “It’s something overwhelming and all-encompassing that fills you up, and you’re either going to explode with it, or you’re just going to disappear.”

That's exactly how it feels. Howl is reminiscent of Twilight-esque angtsy passionate romance, the kind that makes real-life love affairs seem rather dull in comparison. Between Two Lungs makes my heart soar, and Cosmic Love makes me feel like it's going to leap right out of my chest. And it's easy to understand why: “Everything is about boys!” says Florence. “The whole album is about love – and pain. People see my lyrics as crazy, but to me it’s an honest, heartfelt album. I didn’t set out to be wacky. I just want it to be emotive.”

Go buy it now. NOW. For reals.

PS. Favourite lyrics:
"There's a ghost in my lungs and it sighs in my sleep,
Wraps itself around my tongue as it softly speaks
then it walks, then it walks with my legs
To fall, to fall, to fall, at your feet.
though but for the grace of God go on
And when you kiss me, I'm happy enough to die"