Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Say what???

Apparently February, the month of Luuuurve, they'd have us believe, is also the month to contact your old flame. Or at least, that's what happened to me. The douchebag ex who gave me the ice trays (a few of my girlfriends actually refer to him as Ice Trays because of this unfortunate incident) sent me a message on Facebook just two days before Valentine's Day.

This is not unusual in itself: I've received roughly the same message twice a year since we broke up two years ago, but this is now the third time he's sent me a "How are you?" note since I told him very politely that although I wish him no ill, I have no interest in being his friend. The two messages he sent after that were duly ignored.

What the hell??? Surely he'd have to be to be mentally imbalanced in some way not to have got the message by now? He even signed off "Chat soon xx" - er, no. We will NOT chat soon. I don't want to speak to you! Now take your douchey profile picture of you and your current girlfriend (who has a disturbingly large gap between her eyebrows, btw) and bugger off!

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