Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missed the boat

With the number of people I have reading this blog (i.e. one, that is, Twanji, who only pretends to read it because I pretend to read his), I have a feeling that my posts here are more private than the things that I write in my journal at home.
Well, if I kept a journal, that is.

But it feels good to write again, I'm kind of hoping that exercising the muscle will bring back those mad skillz I had back in Varsity. I was putting together my writing portfolio for a job application last night and found myself saying, "Damn, girl, but you can write!", and I think I might have lost some of the magic.

I also have a feeling that I should have started this years ago, in the heyday of the blog, when all of our new media classes were devoted to the blogging phenomenon. But in this, as in most areas of my life, I have been a late bloomer.


  1. Hi Reberoo,

    It's never too late to start. Building a following takes time. Just post and see what happens.

  2. LOL. Pretend to read mine? OMG!
    I actually ready yours... Though I will be re-evaluting my subscription.
    I know how you feel. I miss the Varsity thing sometimes. I look at my portfolio and go WOW!
    When our New York Best Seller comes out we'll be back on top.