Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Good Samaritan

The other night when I was out, as I was leaving the bathroom, a girl behind me reached towards me and tucked the label of my dress back inside the garment; it had obviously been sticking out.

I was so touched by this gesture of kindness from a complete stranger, and from a girl, no less, because at nightclubs the usual form of female interaction is something between latent competition and outspoken derision.

It's a tough, scary world for us girls - betrayal and disappointment lurk around every corner. We would do well to stick together and look out for each other - God knows there are too few decent guys to do it for us.


  1. LOL. What a 30 Rock moment!
    I bet you were waiting for something bad to happen thereafter...
    My friend, I am always surprised whenever I am reminded that there are folk out there who will make sure that your humiliation levels remain low for the evening, just because they are good people. We are so jaded!

  2. Totally! And it's so weird, just a week later, at Neighbourhood, I was minding my own business, conversing with a few people, when a big black guy came up to me as he was leaving and said "You're looking good", and then went on his way - a compliment from a guy with NO AGENDA? What is happening??